Exhibition Participants

Sam Baumel – Creative Producer, NYC

Ali Pattilo – Science Journalist

Kodandi Nithyananda, Multi-media and New Media Artist, California

Jeffrey N. Siegelman, MD – Asso. Professor of Emergency Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine.

Leigh W. Jerome, Ph.D. – Artist, Clinical Psychologist and Founder, Relational Space

Helen Collen – Fine Art Photographer & Visual Artist, NYC

Pato Hebert, MFA – Artist, Chair of Art & Public Policy Dept, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU

Shona Patterson, Ph.D. – Director, Center for Global Lives, Brunel University

Bettina von Stamm, MBA, Ph.D. – Founding Director, Innovation Leadership Forum

Dominik Havsteen-Franklin, Ph.D. – Professor of Arts Therapies, Brunel University

Alexandra Juhasz, Ph.D. is Distinguished Professor of Film, Brooklyn College, CUNY

Heather Raikes, Ph.D. – Founding Director, Neopoetics

Karta Thomas – Ceramicist, London, UK


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person in wheelchair with laptop

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